Whelen Lightbars

Whelen Centurion light bars from are more vivid and brighter than ever and they're perfect for rescue and fire vehicles. These durable rotating lightbars are designed to contain a broad range of factory of custom option lights and a 123 db speaker. These bars include a high rise mounting apparatus as well. A special shock mount keeps motor and gear noise to a minimum and this bar performs as quiet as a whisper.

Centurion lightbars are available in you choice of 135 rpm or 175 rpm motor and 50 w halogen snap-in lamps. The aluminum base is designed not to warp or sag and dome stays securely in place with a tongue and groove construction which also resists moisture. Maintenance and changing out components is simple and can be performed with only a screwdriver.

Whelen Linear-LED light bars feature the latest in super bright wide angled Super-LED technology. This is all incorporated in a warning system which stands up to the brightness of strobe but is heavier duty and longer lasting and use less power. All of these lightbars feature a modular construction and can stand up to rough handling and hours of use.